Club Motorkhana - Round 4

Sat 26 October 2024
SMSP Skidpan
7:00 am
David Lawler, 0403 070 644,

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This motorkhana day is intended to cater for drivers who are inexperienced in car control and to provide them with a fun set of motorkhana style challenges to test and develop their skills, as well as offering some tricky bits for more experienced drivers. It is part of a 4 event MX-5 Club motorkhana championship series in 2024.

The motorkhana is being held at the Sydney Motorsport Park skidpan. This is a large flat concrete area which provides plenty of space for any mistakes, and the surface will be watered through the day to provide a low grip surface and so minimise wear and tear on cars and tyres.

A number of experienced club members will be on hand to provide one-on-one support to the participants.

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