Kurri Kurri Mural Hunt

Sun 07 March 2021
Freeman's Waterholes - Shell Service Station
9 am for 9:03 am Start
Chris Cameron,  0409665049

Meeting at Freemans Water holes, it will be a short run via Quorrobolong to Kurri Kurri. We will then have about 20 minutes to grab a take away coffee before linking up with a Tour Guide. The Guide will give us the historical and personal stories portrayed in each of the murals as displayed in the heart of Kurri. The walk takes about 1.5 hours and costs $5.00 per person for the guided tour. You can do the tour yourself if you wish following the Mural Map. After the tour it will be lunch at a local Hotel before another Kookaburra hunt of the outlying Murals. This time following a pre-planned route in your car before finally meeting back at Chinaman’s Hollow for a bring your own afternoon tea and to check out your "Kookaburra Hunt" results.

Some Murals may be behind fences such as the local school, so bring a set of binoculars or a camera with a good zoom to check them out. The tour does involve some walking around the town centre, if this is an issue you can follow the Mural map and drive to some of the locations .