Mega Long BreakFast Run

Sun 07 March 2021
McDonald's Richmond East Market St, Richmond
6.30am for a 7am departure
Andrew Lord, 0414 323 726,
Run Leader
Brett Hardey, 0409 365 554

In Australia, we don't do things quick and easy. We like to go the long way round.

Think hot summers of test cricket or watching Pat Rafter slog out a 5 hour marathon. Think about those fifty metre road trains bumping along those dusty highways, driving for hour upon, lonely hour without seeing another living soul. Think Errol Flynn......

In the very spirit of the Australian fascination of the long way, the BreakFast Club is embarking on a run deep into bushranger territory, into the Megalong Valley. After forming up in Richmond, our journey will take in the Lower Hawkesbury hamlets of Tennyson, Kurmond and Kurrajong before hitting the mighty Bells Line for the run to the gateway of western NSW. Skirting through Vale of Clwydd and Hartley Vale before utilising the Great Western to take us into the Blue Mountains, our breakfast destination will be the delightful Megalong Valley Tearooms.

Please note that this is a waypoint run and is graded H. Participants should familiarise themselves with the waypoint guidelines and the run grading criteria before attending. More information can be found here:

MX-5 Club  of NSW COVID-19 protocols apply to this event. More information can be found here:

Please RSVP for this event by emailing Attendees will be regularly updated on the list below.

Registered Attendees

1. Andrew Lord

2. Brett Hardey

3. Stephen Lord

4. David Lowen

5. Markus Capilnean

6. Brad Robinson

7. Jason Brown

8. Ian Miller

9. Phil Donnelley

10. G Peter Battisson

11. Ken Frost