NSW Supersprint Championship - Round 1

Sun 13 February 2022
Wakefield Park
7:00 am
Ian Combes, 0433159725, competition@mx5.com.au
Run Leader
Barry Luttrell (Event Secretary), 0411231107 (leave a message if not answered), barryluttrell1003@gmail.com

Entries to Round 1 of the NSW Supersprint, hosted by the MX-5 Club of NSW, is now closed as our entry limit has been reached.

Please email the Event Secretary on eventsec@mx5.com.au if you wish to be placed on a reserve list.


There was a mistake in the supplementary regulations that will be corrected in further regs in January - there should have been a discount for MX-5 Club members. We will issues further regs to correct this (which we have to anyway when we know who the stewards for the meeting are). If you are a MX-5 Club member, pay $240.

Note: in 2022, the NSW Supersprint panel have decided that Supersprint rounds can also be a multi-club event, as well as being a NSW Supersprint round. Previously, you could enter a NSW Supersprint round without being a series registrant, but this is different. Competitors who enter the multi-club event don't have to meet the scrutineering requirements for the NSW Supersprint series. For example, non-registered vehicles don't have to have a Motorsport Australia log book. Think of it as running in one of our (Motorsport Australia) Club track days.

The NSW supersprint panel have introduced a new streamlined entry and registration process for 2022. As well as entered via the Motorsport Australia event entry portal as you have in the past, you also need to complete an online form as well., which covers a lot of the registration requirements.

Please refer to the NSW Supersprint webpage for details of the online form.

Note: you will not be deemed to have entered until you complete this online form.

Please click on each of the following buttons to down load and read each of the documents starting with the information sheet button. You need to allocate sufficient time to read all of the information sheet and also the documents linked to the information sheet.


Information sheet

Supplementary regulations part 1

Supplementary regulations part 2     Note  Supplementry Regulations Part 2 updated on 06-02-2022

Driver briefing

More information about supersprinting is also available here.