NSW Supersprint - Round 2

Sun 16 May 2021
Wakefield Park
7:00 am
Ian Combes, 0433 159 726, competition@mx5.com.au
Run Leader
Barry Luttrell, +61411231107, eventsec@mx5.com.au

This event is now closed.

If you wish to be placed on a wait list please email eventsec@mx5.com.au 


This round of the NSW Supersprint championship will be hosted by the MX-5 Club of NSW.

Note: in 2021, the NSW Supersprint panel have decided that Supersprint rounds can also be a multi-club event, as well as being a NSW Supersprint round. Previously, you could enter a NSW Supersprint round without being a series registrant, but this is different. Competitors who enter the multi-club event don't have to meet the scrutineering requirements for the NSW Supersprint series. For example, non-registered vehicles don't have to have a Motorsport Australia log book. Think of it as running in one of our (Motorsport Australia) Club track days.

Before you enter this event please click on each of the following buttons to down load and read each of the documents starting with the information sheet button

Information sheet

Supplementary regulations


 SSP07 Self statement  of vehicle compliance



Driver briefing




More information about supersprinting is also available here.

This event is being run under a strict COVID plan, which has been approved by Motorsport Australia. We must adhere to this plan as part of our permit application.
The parts of this plan relevant to entrants have been extracted into a separate COVID-19 information document. Entrants are expected to be intimately familiar with this information document.

During this COVID-19 re-boot phase, unfortunately we aren’t allowing spectators. This is changing with NSW Health starting to allow some spectators, but Motorsport Australia is not currently allowing spectators. Similarly, passenger activity is not permitted.

Entrants to this event are permitted pit crew, but must be nominated up-front. No-one will be permitted entry to the venue who hasn’t registered beforehand.

Registration requirements will be handled before the event via email, and scrutiny for the event will be via self-assessment (with guidance) and self-declaration. Entrants will be advised via email on the exact procedure.

Note that the Supplementary Regulations for this event have been considerably modified in conjunction with the NSW Supersprint Panel to take into account these new procedures and COVID-19 requirements.

Entrants to the event will be required to acknowledge that they have read the Supplementary Regulations and the COVID-19 information document and agree to comply with both.

The drivers briefing will also be conducted via email notification. Again, entrants will be required to acknowledge these briefing notes and agree to comply with these requirements via email prior to the event.


Note that COVID-19 requirements from NSW Health and Wakefield Park are changing, so further regulations may be issued prior to the event, pending approval from Motorsport Australia.