President's Picnic 2022

Sun 18 September 2022
Ebenezer Church Grounds at 95 Coromandel Road Ebenezer
9.30am for 10am start
Michael Soulos, 0413 11 33 99,
Free for members, $10 or $30 for non-members

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Our annual picnic gathering of the members from all chapters will again be held in the riverbank grounds of Ebenezer Church  on Sunday 18 September 2022. This is the first time we've been able to host this event since 2019 due to covid restrictions.   

If you wish to attend the President's Picnic this year, then you MUST complete the Registration Form behind the Book Now button in this post or catering purposes.

As Church volunteers provide most of our lunch options, we will be passing the hat around for donations to the church's restoration fund.  Ebenezer Church is the oldest church in Australia conducting weekly services and situated just 12km from Windsor in a rural parkland setting on the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

Everyone has the chance to wander through the historic sandstone Church, make a purchase at their canteen and walk around its well-maintained grounds and the rows of roadsters.  You are encouraged to exhibit your car in one of the competition categories or take the opportunity to simply park your MX-5 in the grounds in the company of over 100 other roadsters.  Members either individually or in Chapter groups will again have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the event in the company of friends and members from all chapters and volunteer to help on the day.

Espresso coffee, biscuits, cake and pastries will be available during morning tea with a lunch of BBQ chicken, sausages and salads being served from around 12:30pm.  To get your free morning tea and/or lunch you must have pre-registered for this event.  Please ensure that your membership is current when you register online.

Ready your picnic gear to join our Presidents Picnic and leave the rest to the Club.


Registration & Parking

On arrival at Ebenezer Church, all attendees must turn off Coromandel Road just past the bend in the road as directed by volunteers to register at the registration desk set up at the gate entry into the church grounds. All attendees must sign-in before proceeding to park their car in rows as directed by volunteer parking marshals.

Non-Member Attendance and/or Participation

Non-member attendance is welcome provided they comply with the directions of our Committee Members and volunteer.  Non-members are not eligible for trophies. however Certificates of Merit may be awarded where appropriate.

Non-members who wish to participate in lunch will be charged $30 per person, and those who don't want lunch will be charged $10 per person entitling them to park in the grounds.  Non-members are required to pay at the registration desk upon arrival and receive a wrist band to enjoy coffee & cake on arrival.

Getting There

Runs to the event may be organised on the day starting at various locations and will be posted separately on the event calendar by participating chapters. Links will be added to this post prior to the President’s Picnic.

MX-5 Show Events

The Club will be conducting numerous car show events on the grounds of the Ebenezer Church in conjunction with the President’s Picnic for members and guests.

Members & visitors will have the opportunity to show their cars in four categories, all attending vote for the People’s Choice Award, whilst the judges collectively determining the Best on ShowConcoursShow 'n' Shine , Modified MX-5 and Track Car. All cars parked in the grounds are considered for the People's Choice and Best on Show trophy.

Everyone entering an event agrees if asked to make themselves available to act as a judge or join committee members as a volunteer on the day to help with parking cars or other duties around the venue.

Trophies are being awarded to the NA, NB, NC & ND judged to be the best in their class with the exception of Track Cars with only one category. Only financial Club members can win the Club trophies with all entrants eligible for Certificates of Merit.

The Club requires not less than three entries for a model in a class to enable the class to be in competition and eligible for a trophy.  The decision of the judges in all classes and events are final.

Cars can only enter one competition event, with the exception of Best Ladies MX-5.

Concours d’Elegance

The rules for members wishing to enter their MX-5s in Concours have been changed in line with the new NatMeet judging rules.  The points for originality have been set aside to allow modified cars to enter on a more level playing field.  For ease of identification the competition is classified as an Open Concours d’Elegance. Trophies and Awards in this event will remain as trophies and awards for Concours.

Should the end result of judging under the Open Concours Rules be that there is more than one car on equal points in a class then originality will become relevant in determining the ultimate winner.  In all other respects the judging criteria remains the same as in previous years.

Pre-registration in Concours is essential. Please complete their Registration Form selecting Concours as their event by 5pm Friday 2 September 2022. Concours competitors will be sent an email following registration with a copy of the Concours Information & Guide Sheet and the Concours Judging Sheet

Entrants must print and complete their Concours Judging Sheet to hand to the judges filled in with their details for their MX-5 to be eligible for judging.  Concours cars will park in a dedicated area from 8:30am before general entry from 9:00am.

It is a condition of entering the Concours competition that entrants be willing if called upon to assist in judging a Concours class in which they are not an entrant.

Show 'n' Shine

Show 'n' Shine trophies and award certificates of merit based on how a a cross section of our membership acting as judges perceive the exterior of those NAs, NBs, NCs and NDs on show taking into account originality and/or external modifications and trim as they deem appropriate.

Those wishing to enter should record their intention in their Registration Form on or before Friday 9 September 2022 and have their cars parked in the grounds by 10.30am.

Show 'n' Shine is for everyone who wants to show their MX-5 at its best and should not be confused with the Concours event that has formal judging criteria. Show 'n' Shine is an opportunity for all members to show their MX-5s without having to go the trouble to prepare for this event as if entering for Concours.

Show 'n' Shine has no points or judging criteria. The judges drawn from the general membership will determine what in their opinion is the most deserving NA, NB, NC and ND overall from their external appearance and visible cabin areas of the car. Entrants must not enter MX-5s with major body panel modifications or changes excluding modified trim, exhaust or wheels. Entrant can present their cars with roof left up or down to show off the interior finish for the judges to take into consideration. Engine areas, boots and the underside of panels are not considered by the judges in Show 'n' Shine.

Minor scratches, bumps, paint chips and blemishes may be disregarded at the judge's discretion. Originality and aftermarket trim may be taken into account in accessing the appeal of cars that the judges believe enhance the overall appeal of an entry deserving of a trophy or special mention.

Best Modified & Performance MX-5s

For those members of the MX-5 community who are into modifying the performance and/or appearance of their MX-5s, our judges will chose an NA, NB, NC & ND class trophy winner and may award certificates of merit in each class primarily taking into account the nature and quality of mechanical, interior and exterior modifications.

Those wishing to enter must record their intention in their Registration Form on or before Friday 9 September 2022 and have their cars parked in the grounds by 10:30am.

If you wish to participate and be considered for a Modified & Performance MX-5 Award, the bonnets of the car should be left open when you park in your allocated area. The criteria and modifications by which the cars are judged is left to the judges’ discretion.

Best Track Car

Any MX-5 that has taken part in a Club Track Day, Super Sprint, MX-5 Cup or other track event in which the Club has participated may enter this event.  A dedicated parking area will be allocated to track car parking.  There is only one class of entry for all models and the winning entry is decided by the judging panel on presentation, appearance and the mechanical set up of each car.

Best on Show

All the judges for Concours, Show 'n' Shine and Modified MX-5 competitions will select their choice of which member's MX-5 has the biggest "wow" factor parked on the church grounds on the day allowing for originality and/or modifications for the Best on Show Trophy. There is no formal entries or nominations for the Best in Show Trophy.

People's Choice Award

All registered participants with a lunch ticket will be given a voting paper to select three MX-5s of any model for the People's Choice Award. Everyone receives as part of the registered process a People's Choice Voting Slip and a pencil to make their nominations for their choice as the best MX-5 on show. Voting slips and pencils will be collected between 10:30am and 11:30am.

Best Ladies MX-5 on Show

All the judges for Concours and Show 'n' Shine and Modified MX-5 competitions will select their choice as Best Ladies MX-5 on Show for Le Beau Prix MX-5 de Dames Trophy from cars registered to a female member who requests and displaying a pink tag. A member nominating on the day for this award may also enter in one other competition as well.


7.30am            Judges and volunteers may enter and park in the grounds

8.30am            Concours car only can enter and park in the grounds and prepare for judging.

9.00am            Registration desk opens for members to register and park in the grounds

                        Concours judging commences

9.30am            Coffee Cart opens with biscuits, cake & pastries provided for a morning tea

10.00am          Show 'n' Shine, Modified MX-5s & Track Cars judging starts

11.00am          Collecting People's Choice commences.

11.30am          Registration Desk closes
                        Entry to grounds closes
                        Coffee Cart closes

12.00noon       Judging closes

                        Open forum & Q&A chaired by the President

12.30pm          Lunch commences

2.00pm            Presentation of Trophies & Awards

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