2022 track day Round 3 is open!

04 May 2022 / Ian Combes

Update 4th May 2022

We have 49 entries - 2 and a half weeks to go - get those entries in!

Round 3 of of the MX-5 Club motorsport championship at Wakefield Park on the 22nd May is open for entries.

There's a good period of time to get your car ready, so get to it!

We're due for a fully dry club track day, so let's hope that things dry out by then.

This will be similar to to the Monday event back in February. We'll be running the usual 70 entries with 5 groups.

This is a bit delayed, but we'll also be presenting the 2021 motorsport championship trophies at this track day. Given that the 2021 calendar was a bit decimated, we'll trim back the number a little bit. The last time we presented the trophies at a track day at Wakefield Park, it worked pretty well.

The first Wakefield Park track day was unusually a Monday event so we couldn't do it then. This was the first opportunity.