2023 tri-Club track day at The Bend in SA

04 May 2022 / Ian Combes

Hi Everybody

We are currently looking at the viability of holding a Tri-State (SA vs Vic/Tas vs NSW) MX-5 Challenge at The Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia at a date to be confirmed in 2023 (but most likely in the Autumn timeframe).

It is envisaged that we would be hiring the Western (or International) circuit specifically just for ourselves and that it would be a totally MX-5-centric event.

To make this happen will require a significant financial commitment on the part of the three Club’s involved. Hence, before making any commitments, we are looking for non-binding expressions of interest from Club members who would like to attend.

The costs of hiring a fantastic facility such as The Bend are, as you would expect, relatively high (though still within reasonable bounds) so we need a good overall attendance to make it work financially. Having done an initial feasibility study though, we think that it is doable.

In consideration of the travel requirements for many potential participants, we have not ruled out possibly even having the event on a long weekend or over the Easter period.

So if you would be seriously interested in competing in such a Tri-State Challenge at The Bend (I am told that it is a fantastic track if you have never been) in 2023, we would really appreciate if you could drop me an email to that effect at competition@mx5.com.au.

We have not set a date for making a decision at this point, but the sooner we get a clear picture of whether such an event is likely to get off the ground the better.

Our colleagues in the Vic/Tas and SA are similarly polling their members for expressions of interest and once we have all the numbers, hopefully we will be able to make it happen.

Thanks in advance,

Ian Combes

Motorsport Secretary