Beautiful Boydtown

13 February 2021 / Story: Brian Clayton; Photos: Anda Clayton, Dace Abolins and Brian Clayton

Beautiful Boydtown

11 -12 February, 2021

Story by Brian Clayton. Photos by Anda Clayton Dace Abolins and Brian Clayton

The morning of 11 February dawned bright and clear and moderate late summer temperatures promised a great excursion for top down MX5 adventures.

Meeting at the appointed time at the Heritage Bakery in Milton we were met with the sad news that Kerry’s better half, Lesley, was a late withdrawal due to a family commitment. Kerry, nonetheless, could not pass up a beautiful morning run and joined us for the run to our Bodalla morning coffee halt. Along for the ride were Goldilock’s children, Bill and Jan, riding in the trombone van. Jan’s hip objects to long range trips in Goldilocks and with some sadness Goldilocks stayed in the garage and the VW trombone van provided the transportation.

After a great morning run in fabulous weather and only three interruptions due to roadworks (they are still clearing bush fire damage down this way) we reached our morning coffee stop at Bodalla Cheese factory. Here we were joined by Chris and Dace, intercepted on their way north from Narooma.

After coffee and some snacks, we farewelled Kerry and the six remaining adventurers headed south for some more pleasant motoring to Eden, our planned lunch stop. The usual lunch venue on the wharf is closed for renovations but Ollie’s in town provided a wonderful light lunch, the venue is highly recommended.

Lunch was followed by a short trip to Boyd Town to see Boyd’s Tower, built as a light house but used as a whale watch tower. Again, this is a recommended excursion. Unfortunately, poor road conditions would not allow a visit to the old whaling station nor the Green Cape lighthouse.

So, it was back to our digs for the night, five-star cabins at the beach side caravan park. A walk on the beach, “Fivesies” on the cabin deck, followed by a short walk to the Sea Horse Inn for dinner. After a long day and a pleasant dinner, it was time to turn in for the night.

The morning was greeted with light rain and overcast conditions but breakfast in Eden beckoned, followed by a visit to the Eden Whale Museum. Both are highly recommended, even for a repeat visit.

Mid-morning saw us on the road again, headed for the Tilba Winery and lunch. Intermittent rain meant the top stayed closed but it did not deter from another pleasant drive through beautiful South Coast scenery. Really, the Bega Valley was touched by God.

Lunch at Tilba Winery managed by the lovely hostess, Carlie, was up to its usual high standard, the meal favouritism shared by the Fish Tacos and the Trout salad.

After lunch it was farewell and the trip home after a wonderful two-day South Coast excursion.

Uneventful driving but terrific interludes. Can’t wait for the next.