Boorowa Lunch Run

30 April 2024 / Words and photos by Peter Wilson. Photo by Rod Nicholas and Monique Butselaar

Although the temperature dropped to one degree last night, it warmed quickly shortly after our arrival at Daughters at Hall Café--some of our members arrived in shorts and T shirts with the top down. Indeed, this was not the usual cold weather we normally experience a couple of days prior to Anzac Day. As usual, it was good coffee and conversation among the twenty members gathered for the 10:30 am departure.


Lotsa talk at the pre-briefing coffee

There was a variety of NCs and NDs among the twelve cars and of course, I must mention the new 2024 ND of our Co-Convenors.


The Co-Convenors showed off the new ND3

After departure, it was definitely top-down driving in ‘Goldilocks’ weather, not too hot and not too cold.

The route along the Barton Hwy through Murrumbateman was relatively free of traffic. After a left turn towards Yass, we had a short drive along Laidlaw Street for our first regroup to ensure we all made the right turn at Orion Street. The route along Cooks Hill Road was an interesting drive with many twisties to keep you alert. Minimal traffic and a very courteous road train driver pulling over to the edge of the road to allow us to overtake. The road condition seemed to improve since our last trip in October 2023.


Entering Rye Park

From Rye Park it’s a fairly straight road through open farmland to Boorowa.

Once again, all enjoyed a very good country pub lunch at the Courthouse Hotel.



Plenty to chat about during lunch


After lunch it was a coffee or a drive directly home.

A great day to be out enjoying the sunshine whilst driving a MX-5.

Peter Wilson