Burn to Bendooley

21 June 2022 / Story: Bob Downing; Photos: Anda Clayton, Anne Zattera

Burn to Bendooley

17 June 2022

 Whoever suggested that retirees spent time relaxing in their bed on a sunny crisp winter morning was entirely incorrect when it comes to MX5 enthusiasts. In anticipation of the day ahead all were gathered 10 minutes before the agreed meeting time. As everyone was present Geoff decided that it was time to head off, somewhat early, as it would allow more time for a chinwag at morning tea. Departing the Log Cabin at Tomerong we joined the highway for the run into Nowra past the bridgework's and onto the almost finished highway extension at Bomaderry for the run through to Kiama where we turned for the delightful run into Jamberoo.

 Morning tea was partaken at Jamberoo bakery which served up a good selection of cakes and pies, plus coffee of course. With appetites and thirsts satiated it was time to hit the road for the climb up Jamberoo Mountain to Robertson. Timing was everything as we seemed to have the whole of the road up the mountain to our group of 6 cars, nothing in front and very little coming the other way allowed for a spirited drive up the mountain.

Once through Robertson and on the Illawarra highway the road became busy again until we turned onto the road to Bowral. Once in the town centre things became interesting, the group became split up with various members going in different directions. Despite being familiar with Bowral, at one point I became positionally challenged and took a turn from which there was no escape short of leaving the town centre and retracing my steps. Eventually I managed to get back on track and arrive at our destination only a few minutes late.

Bendooley Estate hosts not only a winery and restaurant but is home to Berkelouws book barn, which houses a large collection of books for sale.  Also, having lunch at the winery were members of Illawarra chapter who had arrived earlier and who we were able to mix with prior to our lunch being served. Once lunch was finished it was time to have a further browse through the books, I was disappointed as I was unable to find any books on either the MX5 or Mazda in general, but plenty on MG, Jaguar, Ferrari, Toyota, Ford and Holden.

All too soon it was time to say farewell and wend our way homewards Via Moss Vale, Robertson and again a clear run down Jamberoo Mountain, how could we be so lucky twice in the same day!

 Thanks Rose and Geoff for a great day out in the Highlands.