Canberra Chapter Christmas Lunch & Presentations

15 December 2020 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Photos by Keith Monaghan and Rod Nicholas

Saturday 12 December 2020

With a ho ho ho
And a chink of glass
We'll end the year
With a touch of class.

The Canberra Chapter wrapped up the 2020 Events Program with more than just a touch of class and a very enjoyable lunch at the Yowani Country Club, hosted by our Convenors Peter and Annemie Wilson.

The Plague had left our year somewhat dis-jointed, and we had to put several planned events – social gatherings and runs – on the back-burner as Plague-induced restrictions kept us off the roads. It might not have gone to plan, but the year was far from a write-off.

We got off to a good start before the restrictions kept us at home, but as the restrictions eased, alternative runs were plotted to make the most of what we were allowed to do. All up, we managed to put on 22 runs and held eight of our Coffee & Lies meetings, which I expect you will agree is a commendable effort. 

So, to celebrate our achievements, we gathered at Yowani for lunch. Forty-seven members attended, and we had the pleasure of the company of our Club President Keith Monaghan who journeyed down from Sydney to join us.

After a delicious lunch (well done Yowani!) and a great deal of chatter (there is always a great deal of chatter), we got on to the presentations part of the day. Convenor Peter thanked all those involved in the Chapter throughout the year – those who took active roles in the ‘administration’ (Runs Committee, Website etc), Run Leaders, those who helped with social events, and (of course) all the wonderful members who joined runs, attend C&L and otherwise helped to make the Chapter such a joy to be part of. Peter also welcomed our new members and hoped their first taste of the Chapter this year was enough to have them coming back for more.

Our recent Convenor James Schiemer and Keith Monaghan outlined the process to determine the Member of the Year (in a nutshell, points are awarded for participation in various Club activities – organising an event, participating in an event, preparing reports, submitting photos and sundry other activities). The points are tallied by the boffins in Sydney and Hey Presto a name pops out of the system.

Congratulations go to:

  • Rod Nicholas - Canberra Chapter Member the Year
  • Peter & Annemie Wilson - Canberra Chapter New Member the Year 
  • Malcolm Fotheringham - Canberra Chapter Motorsport Member of the Year

President Keith took over to announce a couple of extra awards to members of our Chapter:

  • Rod Nicholas - Club Member the Year
  • Peter & Annemie Wilson – Runners-up Club New Member the Year.

But enough of all that palaver, the real interest was in who would receive recognition and adulation as the Best-Dressed Lady and the Most Over-the-Top Gent’s Outfit. By unanimous decision (of a fully independent member of the Yowani crew), Joanne Blackburn was named the Best-Dressed Lady of 2020, and Martin Robertson the Most Over-the-Top Gent. Martin’s socks were the pièce de resistance with their message of Christmas joy (that modesty – and good taste – prevents me from spelling out here).

Then there were the ‘lucky door’ draws, with prizes aplenty (it was particularly pleasing to see a couple of newbies – Frances and Lili – picking up a prize).

Congratulations to all the award recipients (and prize recipients)! 

Our Lunch & Presentations was a resounding success – plenty of laughs, plenty of talk, plenty of tucker and a roomful of great people.

We had (all things considered) a good year, and can only look forward to a brighter, better, happier 2021.

Cheers all. Have a safe and happy Christmas/New Year. May you Zoom Zoom to your hearts content in 2021.