Canberra COVID Crushing Cruise to the Coast

04 July 2020 / Words: Ron & Maree Tollenaar Photos: Ron Tollenaar, Rod Nicholas

Canberra Chapter’s COVID Crushing Cruise to the Coast (AKA Lunch at the Bay)
Sunday 28 June 2020

It may have been -3 overnight in Canberra but the morning opened up to a beautiful blue sky and we headed off to the rendezvous point, bright and early, to meet up with another 15 members, all raring to go, and five of them rocking up with their roofs already down in true MX-5 style.

After a short briefing we set off down the highway for a very enjoyable cruise to the coffee stop in historic Braidwood and while there, took the opportunity to peruse the shops in the main street and contribute some much needed cash to the local economy.

From there it was time to regroup and head off up the Clyde Mountain towards scenic Batemans Bay, love those mountain twisters. Along the route we also took in the devastation of the recent bushfires but were also very happy to observe the amount of regrowth that has occurred.

We arrived at our destination, JJ’s restaurant, located at the marina, bang on time, and were joined by our fabulous convenors, James and Giulia. Time to order some great food (I recommend anything with chips on the side) and the odd refreshment and then spend the next couple of hours doing what we do best - enjoying each other’s company and generally having a great time.

My thanks to everyone who turned up to support my first run under reduced restrictions, I hope you all had as great time as Maree and I did and can’t wait for the next one.