Check our hot new item: the Stadium Seat

15 April 2016 / Alan & Claudine Townsley

Our brand new regalia item is hot off the press!

Meet the MX-5 Club of NSW Stadium Seat / Carry Bag.

Conveniently packaged as a carry bag to hold your picnic supplies, just unzip the sides and it folds open to give you a comfortable cushion with back support. Just the thing to pop in the boot of your MX-5 and bring out for picnics, concerts, etc.

We have purchased a stock of 50 Stadium Seats and they're going fast. Price is $49 each. Order now!

Available for pick-up from Alan & Claudine (Sydney), Tony & Iris (Canberra), Bryan Shedden (Illawarra), and others by prior arrangement. Postage can also be arranged for about $15.