Cherry Tree Hill Winery

30 June 2021 / Words: Robyn Simms. Photos: Robert Simms


Nine cars met at Haywards Bay and had a leisurely trip up Macquarie Pass, through Robertson for a coffee stop at Fitzroy Falls Reservoir. As everyone had travelled with their car roofs up, we were all taken by surprise by the freezing conditions at the reservoir.

The trip from the reservoir took us through some beautiful country with properties sporting picturesque gardens and precision cut hedges.

The owner of Cherry Hill winery welcomed us warmly and we all enjoyed a pleasant lunch. The food, ranging from lasagne, gourmet meat pies to charcuterie boards all arrived promptly and was delicious. There was a varied range of wines, all of top quality.

A day enjoyed by all and another reason not to let inclement weather stop a good run. Apparently 3 dozen bottles of wine in the boot of an MX-5 doesn't affect the handling either. : )