Club Torque - Our first digital edition

30 November 2021 / Kerri Langworthy-Ward

G'day and welcome to a new way to view Club Torque, the official magazine of the MX-5 Club of NSW.

Click here to view the magazine

You can also download the full PDF via this link.

Recently we've had some challenges delivering a timely magazine to our loyal club members. The print and distribution time for the magazine coupled with committee changes had left us with a big delay in publication. To address that delay G Peter Battisson and I have edited and designed a brand new online version (with twice as many pages) for the club.

This is the first time we have produced a purely 'online magazine' instead of printing. The design and editing of this magazine took us just 9 working days - meaning you get to see your stories faster. Another great advantage is being able to share the link to the magazine with friends and family on social media.

As the new Vice President and 'Communications' sub-committee leader, I would love to hear your feedback both positive and negative and welcome all club members to get involved in the creation of new content. Please send me your feedback.

We expect the Spring edition to be out in time for Christmas!