Club Torque Spring 2021

09 January 2022 / Words by G Peter Battisson and Kerri Langworthy-Ward

Well folks, it’s finally here, your latest “Club Torque Spring 2021”. It has taken Kerri - your Vice President and all round Super Woman with her astonishing Superpowers - and I - you’re getting fatter, little, over worked President - an incredible amount of time and hair pulling - hers, not mine, as I have very little - frustration to get this edition finished and out to you all, to hopefully enjoy.

Into the bargain, Kerri’s Mac died, causing considerable angst and the inevitable delay. She managed to get a second-hand replacement - at great expense - so we could keep going with the production. Her original Mac needed a new motherboard, hard drive and other bits and bobs, thank goodness Apple did it all under warranty, phew!!! She now has a second Mac as a backup, what a champion, she is.

Then, I had another near crisis to sort out with the Club Rego going haywire. Many more hours of back and forth correspondence has saved the day and although there is a lot more to do on it, things are ok at present. It is surprising how much momentum you lose when you get side-tracked. Once back on track, finding your rhythm takes a little time too.

No excuses though, Kerri and I have logged over 180 hours - very conservative I can assure you - in getting this ready for you all. If you think you would like to takeover, just give us a shout. How hard can it be?

The FlippingBook link:

I encourage you all to take the time to actually see how easy it is to use the FlippingBook, how clear it is to read. We had some members comment with the last edition that the font was a little too small. So, we have increased the font size by 2 points. We have also changed the Theme Font so that dyslexic readers have a much better experience. As a dyslexic person myself, I surely know the frustration when the Theme Font is not compatible with the condition.

In this edition I have also included a theme skin, so when you open the FlippingBook you get a very different experience. Also, in the bottom right-hand corner, our Club logo is now interactive. Click on it and go straight to the Club Website. How cool is that? The next innovation included is the automatic Table of Contents already open for your convenience. You can close it down if you like with the bottom menu. You can open the thumbnails with the menu too. I want you all to be brave and explore the menu, it will give you a fantastic experience and make you want to read on. Afterall, that’s what the magazine is all about, interesting, captivating, a must read.

You may also notice that the Slide Show is set at 15 seconds too. You can switch it off with the bottom menu. All of the functions on the bottom menu are able to be used for your convenience. Want to read Club Torque on your phone, iPad or tablet, have a go, it works perfectly, fits any screen you want to use. The zoom is adjustable, as is the full screen function. There is also a comments button, you can use it to send a message, however you will need to print the page first to send it. Send to

You can also share, print and download the content. Try the corner flip function, it works a treat too.

Want more, we will give it to you. Just send in your stories, pictures, videos, anything that you think might interest our members are wanted. Send to

As usual, any comments good bad -not the ugly- are always welcome. Afterall, how else can we make the changes you want, without your input. Send to

May you all have a wonderful New Year, stay safe, keep healthy.

Kindest regards

Peter and Kerri