Club Track Day Round 4 is open for entries

30 June 2021 / Ian Combes

Update 30/6/2021

As you know, we were forced to postpone the track day that was scheduled for the 27th June, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown.

The current lockdown is due to finish on the 9th July. Indications are that it probably won't be extended. So, we've made the decision to reschedule the 27th June track day for the 11th July. If you did enter for the 27th June, we will be in touch. If you are happy to complete on the 11th July, you don't need to do anything (except complete the usual paperwork) - your entry will be moved over for you. If you don't want to do the 11th July, then you need to let us know. We will re-open the event (for the 11th July) on Thursday, and leave it open for another week. So, if you didn't enter for the 27th, but want to enter for the 11th , you will be able to.

If you entered for the Driver Training day, we will find another date for this event. However if you were keen to do something on the 11th, let us know - if there enough takers, we will slot you into a first timers group on the 11th. No in-car advisors though, sorry.
Cross your fingers that things improve over the next week and a bit. Hopefully, we will get to run the event on the 11th July, but anything could happen in that time. We may need to make a call late next week.