Committee Confidential June 21

14 June 2021

Committee Confidential

June 2021

This is to give you an overview on what the committee is working on.  The following is some of the items that the committee has been working on for your club. 

  •         NatMeet2020 postponement and the new committee.  The committee is coming together and the event is scheduled for April 2021.  Information will be published shortly.
  •         Committee positions. Both the Secretary and Treasure have tendered their resignation and volunteers for these positions have been sort and accepted.  I would like to thank Julie Sando and Wesley Hill for the work and support they have given the club.
  •         Planning for the 30th anniversary event in October is ongoing and well underway.
  •         COVID-19 is continually monitored for potential affect on the club’s events.
  •         Club Torque producers Kim Jacobs and Peter Barnwell have offered their resignation and the search for their replacement is underway.  Thank you, Kim and Peter, for all the work you have done for the club.

Keith Monaghan