COVID-19 Update 24 July 2020

25 July 2020

G’day all

The following is the latest update of the clubs COVID-19 procedures.

This is basically limiting the numbers attending Pubs, Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants to a maximum of 10 people.  This is based on the NSW Government’s requirements. 

Over and above this the Club has the following recommendations.

·        All runs be setup as picnic style runs and not to enclosed eating venues. This is because a very large number of the outbreaks can be traced back to Pubs, Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants.

·        The Chapter Convenor and/or run leader can make the decision to cancel a run if they feel it is unsafe to proceed.

·        If organising a multi-day event, please assess the potential of coming into contact with the virus. i.e. do not take the event near the Victorian border or towns where there have been outbreaks.  The outbreak information is available on the NSW Government website.

I thank you for your support in these difficult times.


Best regards

Keith Monaghan


24th July 2020

Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW and COVID-19

The following are the procedures that come into effect on 24th July 2020 and will be current until further notice.  These supersede all previous COVID-19 procedures.


·        All Club events will require potential participants to register for an event on the Club Events page by the Google forms system set up for that event.  Maximum number of people that can attend the event is 20 except when attending a Pub, Hotel, Club or Restaurant where the maximum is 10


·        Motorsport is the exception as these events come under the control of the governing bodies regulations for the sport and the club’s motorsport procedures.


·        Only financial club members can attend an event.


·        Only participants who receive an acknowledgement from the organizer, via email or text, can gather at the start venue and join the event.  Under no circumstances will any member or members be allowed to tag along, as this is increasing the risk to the organiser and other Club participants of being fined.  The organizer will pass the list of participants to the Membership Database Secretary for record keeping.


·        Chapters should not organise multiple runs from the same venue at the same time.  Should the same departure point be chosen, then the subsequent meet and departure times must be at least 15 minutes apart to prevent any overlap.


·        Runs should not end up and overlap at the same venue.  If the same end point is chosen, then the subsequent meet times must be at least 15 minutes after the previous run departs.


·        All the current COVID-19 restrictions must be complied with including social distancing rules.  All participants are strongly advised to have downloaded the COVID Safe App and are required to carry personal hand sanitiser.


·        The submitting of the Google form entry to an event is the participant’s acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the current COVID-19 procedures and the Club’s current event requirements and regulations.


·        If any member attending an event, or about to attend an event, shows any signs of a cold or flu symptoms they must leave and not attend any future events until these symptoms have passed.  If possible, they should supply proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to participating in any further events.


·        After attending a Club event, if any member is diagnosed with COVID-19 they must, as soon as possible, notify the Club, via the run leader or Club Captain, so that other members who have come into contact with them can be advised.


This is critical as many of our members are in or close to the age group identified as highest risk.

The latest health information can be found at: