COVID Procedures update

29 October 2021 / G Peter Battisson


Club Procedures:

1. NSW Public Health Orders effective from 23rd October 2021.

2. ACT Public Health Orders effective from 11:59PM on 28th October 2021.

These COVID-19 procedures supersede all earlier notices.

COVID-19 procedures apply to Members & Guests with fully vaccinated or medical exemption certificates.

Non-Vaccinated Members & Guests are excluded from all events

Event leaders need to sight your fully vaccinated or medical exemption certificate before you join the event.

“Restrictions on travel to approved postcodes within NSW will no longer apply.
Travel restrictions will be managed by identifying high risk geographical areas in other states and territories. These identified high risk geographical areas will have exemption and quarantine requirements depending on your vaccination status."

    • Vaccinated travellers will be permitted to enter the ACT for any reason. Exemption documentation will be automated, so there is no delay in response.
    • Unvaccinated travellers will only be permitted to travel for essential reasons. Exemption applications will be considered on a case by case basis and certain conditions (testing and/or quarantine or stay at home) may be applied.

Travellers who are under the age of 12 years should follow the same requirements as that provided to their parents/guardians, dependent on their vaccination status.

Interstate travel, outside of high risk geographical areas can occur freely for any reason.

More detailed information on identified high risk geographical areas and requirements for travellers will published ahead of 1 November.”


Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW Inc.

  • Only Members & Guests who have registered for the event, may gather at the start point and join the event.
  • Under no circumstances are any Members or Guests allowed to tag along.
  • This creates potential COVID-19 fines risk, to the Organiser and Club participants.
  • The Organizer will pass the list of Members or Guests to the Membership Secretary for record keeping.
  • Chapters should not organise multiple runs from the same start point at the same time.
  • If the start point is the same, meet and departure times must be 15 minutes apart, preventing an overlap.
  • Runs should not overlap at the same end point. If the end point is the same, meet and departure times must be 15 minutes after the earlier run leaves.
  • All the current COVID-19 restrictions followed; including social distancing rules, means reducing the close physical contact we have with people and staying 1.5 metres away from people we don't live with.
  • All people over the age of 12 must wear a face mask in indoor areas, whilst shopping, unless eating or drinking.
  • All participants strongly recommended downloading the COVID Safe App.
  • All Members and Guests to carry personal hand sanitiser, masks and disposable gloves.
  • By sending the Google entry form, participants acknowledge agreement; they abide by current COVID-19 procedures and current Club event requirements and regulations.
  • If any member attending an event, or about to attend an event, shows any signs of cold or flu symptoms in the previous 14 days, they must leave at once.
  • They must not attend any events until these symptoms have passed.
  • Must be negative to COVID-19, prior to participation in future events.
  • After attending a Club event, any member diagnosed with COVID-19, must, ASAP, notify the Club via the Run Leader or Club Captain, members in contact advised.

This is critical, considering our members are in, or close to, the age group identified as highest risk. 

20th October, NSW PUBLIC Health information:

Fully Vaccinated NSW -
Not Fully Vaccinated NSW -

11:59PM 28th October 2021, ACT Public Health information:

Australian Federal Government Information:

Advice on face masks and gowns during COVID-19 -

These Rule Procedures are subject to change.

You are responsible for yourself and must refer to the current Public Health Orders in NSW or the ACT.

Prepared by:
G Peter Battisson
0417 269 325
Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW Inc.