Easter at Mangrove Creek

17 April 2022 / Written by: John Purcell, Photos: John Purcell

          Easter Saturday it usually rains - but not this time. A leisurely start to the day at 10:00am allowed for Brigid and Rob from Sydney to join us at our start point, Blackalls Park. Fifteen cars with 26 members led by Barry and Jenny Luttrell left Blackalls Park and headed for Mangrove Creek Dam.

 Mangrove Creek Meet 1  Mangrove Creek Meet 2

           The route took us through to Mandalong via the recently completed windy section of Mandalong road where we went from picking our apexes to doing slalom around the potholes on Jilliby road. From here it was onto Yarramalong road and then up the fun Bumble Hill Road where a call from Jenny warned us of an echidna crossing the road. Said echidna had nearly been run over by a Rolls Royce which Barry had just caught up with. Onto George-Downes drive and on towards Wollombi before turning off onto Kyola Rd - a nice quiet back road which passes by the large horse stud owned by Funrise Australia who are a toy manufacturing company!

            The dam picnic spot has plenty of covered tables and BBQs as well as the resident wildlife - mainly goannas who decided to check out the cars and of course any food scraps left lying around. No fear have they of us intruders as they patrolled between tables, chairs and people looking for tidbits.

 Mangrove Creek Picnic 2 Mangrove Creek Picnic 3

                Lunch over, our group broke up with some returning home while the rest headed north along George-Downs drive to a VERY busy Wollombi for afternoon tea in the park.

Mangrove Creek Group

                A really nice relaxing run, many thanks to Barry & Jenny and to all those who came along, giving up time on their Easter break to socialize with their car club buddies.