Five Hills

27 January 2021 / Report: Norm Barker. Photos: Norm Barker, Bricet Kloren and Rod Nicholas

It was the reds vs. the rest as we set off on our annual Five Hills run around Canberra to start off the year. The route was chosen because these five hills around the centre of Canberra are the only ones that have road access to the top, so they make for great sight-seeing. And what a different atmosphere (literally) it was compared to last year, when smoke obscured all our views when we got to the top of the hills.

The reds, led by Bob took off first. This group of the red MX’s of various models gained much attention on the way and one person asked if they had all been rented! They first drove through to Mt Pleasant, possibly one of the best views of Canberra but rarely visited as it is in the grounds of the Royal Military College Duntroon. Next was Mt Ainslie with a short stop, on to Black Mountain past the Telstra Tower and across to Dairy Hill in the Arboretum. The group then headed across town to the Red Hill lookout where there is a sizable carpark suitable for a car group photo. Once completed, the convoy made its way to the final destination at Lennox Gardens by Lake Burley Griffin (behind the Hyatt Hotel).

The second group led by Norm, multicoloureds (very unPC) visited the same hills in the reverse order, passing the Reds on Anzac Parade. This direction was a little more challenging as there were more traffic lights and righthand turns but the group managed to keep together with only two regroupings necessary. This group also stopped for car photo ops and to take in the views of the city which wasn’t possible the previous year. One other difference was the noticeably green and lush growth around the city after much welcomed rain over spring and early summer.

After the pleasant 90-minute run, enjoyed by all, we gathered on the green grass beside the lake for a picnic and to watch the sun go down. This popular event is always well-attended and as usual everyone settled down to enjoy the company, have a chat and picnic together.

Leaders: Norm Barker and Bob Judd