George IV the new way

01 February 2024 / Chris Wyatt

George IV the new way 

Mondays are obviously a popular day for a lunch run. We started with six, a week before and it quickly rose to twenty three fun attendees. The Bunker in Mulgoa is positioned ideally, as our normal Settlers starting point is closed on Monday. Twenty three loud and joyful customers would have been hard for any single waiter to handle but he also looked after the rest of the busy restaurant. Staffing problems are world-wide.

We have run from Mulgoa to Picton many times so trying to do something new we headed out past Warragamba and through the Silverdale township and over to Bobs Range Road.  Going toward The Oakes we went left over through Oakdale and down to Thirlmere. Thankfully most of the roads have been repaired since we were last there, so travelling down to Thirlmere on some real MX-5 roads was our rai·​son d'être. Thirlmere is just south of Picton so we crossed the railway and headed north onto the Old Hume Highway. The classic old railway bridge was our gateway into Picton and the George IV.

Having called ahead, the Hotel had moved us into a private room which we managed to fill, with both bodies and noise. The food was great as expected and catching up, with old friends and new, is always fun.

Barbara and I look forward to meeting up with you all again soon.