Gingers Creek / Byabarra covid buster run

09 November 2021 / Allen martin


On Saturday 6th November the Mid North Coast MX5 club came alive again after a lengthy covid lockdown. Our Convenor Peter (and Jill) arrived in their pretend MX5 with the number plates MX1 the pretender tries to drive it like an MX5 as well.

We welcomed our two new members Sue in her red ND and Valerie in her very nice white NA. Allen went straight to the Mazda dealer for a colour chart and a price update, can’t stand the competition with three red ND’s in the lineup with more shine than his.

Robert & Rhonda from Coffs, John & Susan from Forster, Mick & Chris from Maclean and Ollie from Port made up the remaining numbers.

What a way to start back, an MX5 run up to Gingers Roadhouse, a few delays for road diversions but unbelievably not one caravan or truck up or down, there is a God looking out for the MNC. The PAM brake was fully functioning in Allen’s ND, although he would prefer a hard squeeze on the leg to slow him down.

Lunch at the Byabarra Café was a treat with a new summer menu that was really excellent. Host Kerry and cook Alan made us most welcome with our own table on a separate decking area with spectacular views, good conversation and plenty of laughs.

A great day as always with like minded people and we hope Sue and Valerie enjoyed their first run with our Chapter. See you at the Xmas lunch and presentation on the 12th December.

Scribe  Pam

Thanks Robert and Mick for the photos