Goulburn Pub Lunch

29 January 2024 / Words: Peter Wilson. Photos: Peter & Annemie Wilson and Mike Lawless

Departure was from the Little Baker at Sutton where thirteen members in ten cars gathered early for a coffee before our 10:30am departure. The weather forecast indicated some rain, and it was overcast with darker clouds to the north, the direction we were heading.  Most seemed undeterred by the dismal outlook and decided to depart with the roof down.  There was some misty rain on the road to Gunning where it was sufficient for a quick stop to raise the roof.

Although there is roadwork in progress, a sharp eye is required to avoid the many potholes, with some capable of severe wheel damage.

The sun appeared as we motored along Grabben Gullen Road and a quick stop at Gurrundah Road allowed the roof to be lowered again. Sunny skies stayed with us all the way along Gurrundah Road, which is in rather good condition with a number of twisties to keep the reflexes active.

At Goulburn there was parking directly opposite the entrance to the Soldiers Club that allowed us to ‘keep an eye’ on our cars whilst enjoying a hearty meal.

Some decided to return directly home after lunch; seven members in six cars had an enjoyable drive via Range and Grabben Gullen Roads to the Merino Café in Gunning for afternoon refreshment. 

We arrived home around 3:30pm with 247kms on the trip meter.  An easy drive on some interesting and quiet country roads.  Thanks to all on the run.

Peter & Annemie Wilson