It's a Long Way for Fish & Chips

16 November 2020 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Steve Hinton

Wednesday 11th November.

A week out from our planned run day the weather forecast was not promising – 90% chance of rain.

But on the day it was sunny and 25 degrees with a light coastal breeze.

After obtaining the usual coffee and tea 9 cars and 16 members departed Bungendore at 10:15am for a run down the mountain to Burrill Lake.

The Kings Highway is getting safer each time I visit it. There were a few sections of road works but in general the run was smooth with light traffic.

Two more members joined us at Batemans Bay.

As it was just over a two-hour run we did not intend to stop and so I had planned to complete the run right next to the toilet block at the Lions Park next to the lake. I say no more.

We carpooled over the new bridge to the fish shop because the whole day was based on buying fish & chips from this highly regarded shop and having a picnic in the park.

The food and park facilities were excellent. There are several covered tables with bench seating scattered around the park. We occupied half a large covered area near the parked cars. It could easily accommodate 40 people.

A stroll through the park to the lake’s sea bound meandering shallow channels help burn up some of the calories we just consumed. Lamingtons for dessert – who brought those!

The run home back up the mountain was not organized as a convoy run, so some left after our walk while others stayed a while longer.

It turned out to be an excellent day with fine weather and finer friends.

Steve & Cecelia.