Katoomba the fresh air route

14 May 2024 / Story Chris Wyatt Pics Gillian and Chris.

Katoomba the scenic route.

The MX-5 is known for its acceleration and handling but many of us most enjoy cruising in the fresh country air. It turned out a beautiful day for just that, as we cruised down toward the Nepean River and the new entertainment and food quarter.

Snaking our way under the bridge we briefly turned east and onto the freeway, just to cross the river into Emu Plains. Over the old Highway then left toward the mountains we took the oldest existing road up the eastern face of the foothills The suitably named Old Bathurst Road is really a great hill climb made for the MX-5 but we were cruising, past the waiting highway patrol on the first bend. Staying off the highway we passed multiple historic towns and onto the old highway through the commercial centre of Springwood. Staying on that side took us to one of the oldest towns of Faulconbridge and the Prime Ministers Corridor of Oaks. Back on the Highway and past the tollgates we turned off at Woodford crossing back over at Lawson and all the way through Wentworth falls to Leura. A slightly slow but steady cruise through the golden leaves of Autumn made for an enjoyable morning.

Our final destination, Katoomba RSL was waiting for us to enjoy the usual fine fair. It seems that people from all over Asia have heard about it as well.