Long Way Around to Gerroa Fisherman’s Club

02 April 2022 / Words: Bill Short

Wednesday, 23 March, 2022

Six gleaming MX-5s (due to the rain!) and their owners met at Albion Park. Closure of roads on our planned route through Kangaroo Valley due to recent rains called for Plan B and a quick amendment to the run sheet.

Ten members in five cars had a quiet drive-up Macquarie Pass until we were stopped by a set of traffic lights. From the cracking in the road, if looks like part of the road is slipping down the hill and the lights will be there for some time until repairs are made.

A quiet drive along Tourist and Kangaloon Roads with potholes now filled and down into Robertson to the recently refurbished Pie Shop for morning tea. You were forgiven thinking it was Mazda’s in the Mist which rolled in from the west. After some yummy pies we went down Jamberoo Mountain Road noticing a lot of water lying in the paddocks.We joined the highway at Kiama before taking the scenic coastal road to Gerroa with a bit of radio chatter about shopping and dining experiences when driving through Gerringong.

Lunch was at the Gerroa Fisherman’s Club. Food and service was not as good as we remembered it but the view was amazing. All in all, we were grateful that the weather held and road damage was mostly repaired which helped to make the drive relaxing.

Thanks Wes and Lena for a great day to be out.