Long Way for Fish ‘n’ Chips

23 April 2022 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Photos by Rod Nicholas, Rob Wilkins and Barry Matson

It was only a small group from Canberra that gathered in Bungendore to hit the coast for fish ‘n’ chips, reinforced by a friendly face from Sydney. This was nominally Steve’s run, but he roped me in as leader when a family commitment kept him home. Even I was a doubtful starter for a while – a dose of the spicey cough had threatened to keep me grounded but I had the ‘all clear’ medically, and felt good, so I was eager to get back on the road.

Almost ready4

Almost ready

Of course, we don’t need a massive convoy of cars to make a good MX-5 run, so we deemed the four of us a healthy Zoom. The weather was kind, so with tops down we got our motors running and headed out on the highway. I was flying solo, and the stereo was blasting a suitable mix of road songs to keep me well and truly in the mood.

The Kings Highway has an unattractive reputation, but I feel it is largely underserved. The road is good and well maintained (except for a couple of small patches where the recent rains have played havoc with the tarmac – even these were getting attention from the road crews). There are a reasonable number of overtaking lanes, or safe places to do so, and though the speed limits could be a bit frustrating for some, safety has been a theme in road works for several years. There are still works going on following the fires a year or two ago and at Nelligen where the bridge is being replaced, but they didn’t hold us up.

At Burrill Lake2

It was looking good at the Lake

It was a good trip down and we rolled into the car park at Burrill Lake more or less on time. A large contingent of the South Coast chapter were there to greet us. Chatter was had and then a gaggle took the short trek across the bridge to the Fish Shop for some fresh, beautifully cooked seafood.

At Burrill Lake4

A gaggle took the short trek across the bridge to the Fish Shop

More chatter was had as the now largish group of MX-5ers had their fill of fish ‘n’ chips. It was great to catch up with members from other chapters – it helps to reinforce the message that we are one club.

At Burrill Lake5

Chatter was had

All too soon, however, it was time to leave. Our Canberra chapter members were making our separate ways home, although we all headed back up the Clyde Mountain. The road home was, not surprisingly, much the same as when we came down the mountain. The few potholes were still there (I hear Barry caught a beauty on the Princess Highway), but for me at least the traffic was light. I had what was probably the best run up the mountain I’ve ever had – clear air all the way, and what traffic there was easily passed on the overtaking lanes. 

I had racked up another 450 km by the time I got home, with five plus hours in the car, which some may consider an unnecessarily long trip for fish ‘n’ chips. They would be wrong. I had a great day, doing what I really like – driving my snazzy little car, and enjoying the company of some like-minded friends.

Long may we zoom.

A long way for fish 'n' chips

It was a long way for fish 'n' chips