Loopy Lunch Run

16 February 2021 / Words: Peter & Annemie Wilson. Photos: Peter & Annemie Wilson, Jill Wicklander, Rod Nicholas

Tuesday 09 February 2021

A slightly overcast morning as nine cars departed Gold Creek for the drive along the Barton Highway to Yass. We collected another car at Murrumbateman to make it an even ten and fifteen members plus a visitor named “Lulu”, although, being a dog, Lulu is probably not eligible for membership. It was ideal weather for touring with the top down, not too hot or cool. Very little traffic on the run to Yass, therefore it was easy to keep the group together
We found car parking in the main street of Yass then coffee and snacks at the Roses Café.

After much discussion about the usual topics it was time to depart for the enjoyable part of the journey, the drive along Wee Jasper and Mountain Creek Roads. Almost had the road to ourselves, just the odd car here and there. The road was in good condition considering the amount of rain over the previous few weeks and an enjoyable drive down through many twisties to the Murrumbidgee River and across the Taemas bridge. We took advantage of the absence of traffic to grab a photo opportunity at the Taemas Bridge, and then headed off for the drive, leaving Wee Jasper Road for Mountain Creek Road and Uriarra Recreation Reserve.

As per our last visit to the Reserve on a weekday, we had the picnic area to ourselves and found a suitable table with a view of the Murrumbidgee River. Most came prepared to have a cold lunch, either a sandwich or a salad. However, Barry decided it was time for a hot lunch. Apparently Barry spent little time with the Boy Scouts; his attempts to light a fire underneath the BBQ plate were futile. Probably better preparation is required next time.

After a couple of hours relaxing over lunch it was time to head home and arrive with just 150 kilometres on the trip meter. Thanks to all on the run, it was an enjoyable day.

More photos can be viewed here. (Photos by Peter & Annemie Wilson, Jill Wicklander, Rod Nicholas)

Peter & Annemie Wilson