Marques in the Park

12 November 2015 / Words & Photos: Tony McDonald



Once again, the annual Marques in the Park (MITP) event was held in glorious Canberra early summer weather, with just a few clouds around later in the day to help keep the temperature down. MITP provides a stage for enthusiastic owners of vehicles of all types to show off their pride and joy to other car fanciers.  While many car clubs were represented at MITP, a goodly number of vehicles were also shown by members of the public not affiliated with any club.  By my estimation, this year’s event attracted over 200 cars ranging from the exotics to everyday sedans to an aged house-moving prime-mover.

The Canberra Chapter was represented by eleven gleaming cars (four NAs, three NBs, three NCs, and one ND) with, as for last year, all series on display.  Jan Broughton’s red ND certainly attracted a lot of admiration from the passing throng, as did the club BBQ trailer.  Dave ‘Bolts’ Bolton’s highly modified yellow NA attracted more than its fair share of attention, and he may have to be banned from future events so other MX5s on display get a ‘look-in’. One visitor also displayed his black NC with our group.  The Club banner and the teardrop flag clearly indicated our site, and certainly provided a focal point for people interested in enquiring about the club’s activities.

Unlike last year’s MITP, we were far removed from the Porsches and Ferraris, so were easily able to outshine our more mundane neighbours!   Over all, the generally high standard of display of golden oldies, exotics, super-modifieds, and muscle cars provided a wonderful spectacle (and some great photo opportunities) for those who attended the event.  Our chapter members all enjoyed their time at MITP, and will hopefully volunteer as participants in next year’s event.