Mazdas at Mogo - Take 2

05 September 2021 / Story: Kerry Warner; Photos: Anda Clayton

MOGO ZOO: Take Two: 12 August, 2021

Finally a sunny, non-lockdown day, we’re off to the Zoo. With three cars meeting at Milton (2 ND and 1 NC) we had a relatively slow drive to Batemans Bay thanks to the numerous road works on the Princes’ Highway. A coffee stop at the Mossy Point Boat Ramp Café overlooking the clear blue waters of the Tomaga River. A short drive to the Mogo where, for those who had not been before, a wonderful little Zoo opened up before us. We couldn’t drive our cars around the Zoo so not much to report from an MX5 experience but what a great little gem, well worth the visit.

From here we drove to Mogo and had a delightful lunch at Grumpy and Sweethearts followed by a little retail therapy. Another great day out.

Kerry Warner