MX-5 Club Motorsport is on hold

28 July 2021 / Words by Ian Combes

Most people will have seen Wednesday's announcement - another month in the garage. Even before that, the chances of us running the 21st and 22nd August were virtually non-existent anyway.

The Victorian 6 Hour Relay at Phillip Island scheduled for this weekend has also been cancelled by the organising committee. This announcement was made yesterday via their website and Facebook page. Our competing club members had already cancelled as the travel restrictions would have prevented them from getting into Victoria.

Not that I want to rub more salt into the wound, but September is also cancelled for MX-5 Club motorsport. We only had 2 events in September - the 5th at Pheasant Wood and the 25th at SMSP. Well, the 5th is so close to August, we'll call it August (it was originally a replacement Driver Training day, but could have turned into a track day). The SMSP Amaroo event has a number of problems, most particularly the need for flag marshals. Clearly that is simply not going to happen in the current climate.

That means that the next possible event is 31st October - so sad to say, but that's 3 months in the garage...

There is a NSW Supersprint in October and the Alfa 12 hour at Winton as well, so we'll see what happens with these.

In September, there is an MRA round and a SMSP North NSW Supersprint, which must be on thin ice at the moment...

That's 12 events in total (7 of ours) that have been cancelled by this delta strain outbreak, with another two that must be doubtful.