MX-5 Club Track Day - round 7

20 October 2021 / Ian Combes

20th October 2021
We seem to have stalled at 58 entries for the 7th November.
This is the last track day that the MX-5 Club will run until February 2022, so consider putting your entry in!
NSW passed 80% COVID-19 double dose a while ago, but then pushed regional travel out until the 1st November.
Still ok, as long as they don't move it out any more.
A slight update on the COVID-19 situation.
If you are over 16 years old, you must be double-dosed or have a valid medical exemption in order to enter the venue on the 7th November. In fact, you won't be allowed to set foot outside the Sydney metro area if you don't fit that description (if you live in Sydney, anyway). This is a temporary situation, but will apply for this event.
On the flip side, that means that we could have people on site who aren't vaccinated - either under 16, or have a medical exemption, so factor that into your decision to attend or not.
Social distancing will be required, as will the wearing of masks inside.
There is a bunch of information on the event web page, so read all this. All event paperwork must be completed and returned before we will even consider putting you on the grid sheet for the event. We can't indulge stragglers this time around.
A number of things could still happen to derail this event, such as localised lockdowns, so cross your fingers that they don't...
If everyone cooperates, this should be a good event:-)