MX5 Ten Pin Bowling Afternoon

01 November 2015 / Words and photos: Jennifer Le

A small but essentially competitive group of socially minded MX5 enthusiasts met at the Tuggeranong Ten Pin Bowling alley on Sunday, 20th of September 2015. We broke off into two teams. The men on one team, the women on the other. The gloves were off for a battle of the sexes for the best score. Two games were thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.

First game was topped by: Ian Bottcher for the Men’s team. Coleen Lafferty for the women’s team…
Second Game was topped by Michael Dunning for the men’s team, and Kathy Earnshaw (guest) for the women’s.

Lots of laughs and fun were had by all, along with light refreshments following the games. Positive feedback has proven the afternoon to be a successful one.

Photos are here.