NatMeet XIV Update

23 December 2020 / Peter & Jill Feutrill, George & Jenny Boyko, Elaine & David Gazzard

Everyone would be aware that Covid-19 meant it was not possible to run NatMeet as scheduled in April this year. It has been a challenging time for many this year and the impact in the NatMeet Committee has also been a challenge.

After we postponed the event from April we thought it might be possible to run it later in 2020. That obviously has not been possible so we thought about having it in April 2021 but have decided against that because of the ongoing uncertainties with restrictions, borders etc. We are also very conscious of our demographics and the fact that a vaccine may still be some way off. So the NSW MX-5 Committee in conjunction with the NatMeet XIV Committee has decided the following:

  1. NatMeet XIV will be held in 2022 and will be hosted by the MX-5 Club of NSW;
  2. The date is yet to be finalised- however April 2022 is most likely;
  3. A location is also not finalised - however we hope to have it in the Hunter and possibly at Cypress Lakes Resort - as details will need to be renegotiated;
  4. For those who were still registered details will be sent regarding a refund of fees paid;
  5. For those NSW members who had ordered a NatMeet shirt an email will be sent to provide options.
  6. The NatMeet XIV Committee will be reconstituted in 2021 to arrange the 2022 event and communicate the details through all State Committees.

On behalf of the current committee we would like to extend our appreciation to all those people who have assisted us, particularly the hardworking members of the Hunter Chapter.

Your current NatMeet XIV Committee
Peter & Jill Feutrill
George & Jenny Boyko
Elaine & David Gazzard