No Sheep on the Dam Run

01 May 2021 / Words: Hella Underwood; Photos: Adele Weatherall

Photos here

Can we claim the club record?

After having to change the date yet again and thus having a couple of cars drop out due to previous commitments on our new date,  and then another couple of cars drop out due to last minute family commitment changes,  our group of 3 cars set off from Haywards Bay for our midweek run to Berrima.

Is this a new club record for the smallest number of cars on a run? I might add another 2 cars were meeting us at our final destination, Warragamba dam. 

So off we went on an absolutely beautiful autumn's day, arriving at Berrima for our fabulous byo morning tea. Jan Gibson provided a basketful of still warm homemade scones with jam and cream and if that wasn't enough, a delicious passionfruit and lemon slice. Also on offer was carrot cake and cheese and crackers. We had a lovely chat with a local and her gorgeous pooch who told us about a local walk we could do on another run.

After we had our fill of delicious treats we headed off to Warragamba dam where we met some of our RPM friends. Even though we were still full from our morning tea, we enjoyed our lunch and then Jan brought out more scones and slice. It didn't take much arm twisting for us to finish off the slice and almost all of the scones.

We then walked down to the visitor centre to take in the view and go in the visitor centre. A great run and day which proved small numbers of cars and people can still have a great MX5 time together.


PS, the 3 cars that left Haywards Bay were 2 Abarth 124 spiders and one Ford Mustang. Lucky our RPM members had MX5's :)