Nulon Tech Night

17 September 2015 / Words & Photos by Keith Monaghan

50 of our members attended another great Nulon Tech Night on 16 July 2015.

The night started with an introduction by Chris Dawes of the Nulon’s tech team of Blayne and Aaron as well as a general run down of Nulon, their history and their products. This being our 2nd tech night, Nulon took us through gearbox and diff oils and their effect on the various MX-5 models. The information was set up for each of the MX-5 models and owners of NC were surprised that they could not use the highest spec of the oil in their gearboxes as it did work with their synchromesh system. That is GL4 as opposed to GL5. They took us through which viscosity works in which situation and what effects the additives have on the oil and the working of the gearbox.

After the gearbox section we shown which oils suit which type of differentials including the standard range of diffs and those diffs that been installed for competition. There was also some discussion on the requirements of the automatic transmissions in the MX5 and the oils needed.

A question session ended the information part of the evening then if was off to the pizza’s and drinks. The lively discussion continued while the food was consumed.

At the end of the food we were divided into groups and taken on a guided tour of Nulon’s state of the art factory. This part of the evening showed the attention to details and quality that goes into producing the oils they sell and gave our members a great insight into what is need to produce a high quality oil for the automotive market. Nulon are proud of their factory and rightly so.

Our members were very impressed with the presentation and very happy with sample of the products they received. I would like to thank Nulon for putting on such a great technical night and thank their people for giving up their time to try and teach us about oils and their affect they have on our cars.

Photos are available here