Pheasant Wood Track day 20th August

20 July 2022 / Ian Combes

The next Club track day is open for Pheasant Wood on the 20th August.
Not many takers yet - 9 in fact.
Many will have heard about the recent Land and Environment Court ruling, which limits Wakefield Park to 4 days a month - as specified in the 1993 development application.
That makes it unlikely we will get to run the event on the 21st. Never say never, and we still don't have a definite answer.
If the 21st is cancelled, this Pheasant Wood practice day will become the championship (point-scoring round 5) in place of Wakefield Park.
This will not be the Interstate challenge. Maybe when the extension happens and the facilities improve a bit more that might be a reasonable proposition. Hopefully the extension will happen sooner than later now.