President’s View of the AGM

25 October 2021 / G Peter Battisson

The Club held it’s 2021 AGM on Friday 22nd October at 7.30pm via ZOOM Conferencing.

Agenda and Draft Minutes of 2020 AGM

The meeting attended by 47 Members, the quota under the Constitution for a quorum is 20 Members.

Reports from the President, Competition Secretary (now Motorsport Secretary) and Club Captain, read to the meeting, PDF copies of reports attached via the links.
moved, seconded & carried.
No questions asked by the Members.

The Treasurer’s Report read, Financial Report shared on the screen & meeting said the Auditor’s Report was given to the committee. PDF copies of reports attached via the links.
moved, seconded & carried.
No questions asked by the Members.

proposal for changes to Appendix A of the Constitution was presented.
accepted, carried & adopted.
No questions asked by the Members.

Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members

All nominations unopposed, voted on accepted, carried & adopted.

Your new Committee:

Office Bearers

  • President, G Peter Battisson
  • Vice President, Kerri Langworthy-Ward
  • Treasurer, Louis Serret
  • Secretary, Phil Donnelly

Ordinary Committee Members:

  • Club Captain, Michael Soulos
  • Motorsport Secretary, Ian Combes
  • Membership Secretary, Bryan Shedden
  • Regalia Officer, Christine Cameron
  • Publications Officer, Warren Lewington
  • BreakFast Club Coordinators, Andrew Lord & Brett Hardey
  • Motorsport Assistant, Joe Kovacic
  • General Committee member, Tammie Hotz

Chapter Convenors:

  • Sydney, Bryan Hicks & Andy Bottomley
  • Canberra, Peter & Annemie Wilson
  • Hunter, John Purcell & Christine Cameron
  • Illawarra, James Mate
  • RPM, Chris Wyatt & Gillian Fletcher
  • Mid North Coast, Allan martin & Peter McDonald
  • South Coast, Anda & Brian Clayton

Ex-Officio Representatives:

  • Website Coordinator, Gus Elias
  • Membership Assistant, Ken & Maggie Liston
  • Motorsport Event Secretary, Barry Luttrell
  • Historic/Classic Vehicle Assessor NSW, James Burke, Andrew Digney
  • Historic/Classic Vehicle Assessor ACT & NSW, G Peter Battisson
  • Club Historian, Elaine Caldwell

In general business 2 members asked questions:

Q. Why have all of the 4 office bearers vacated at the same time?

A. The 4 position holders decided last year to stay on for another year, all had served for 7 or more years, it was time for them to have a break.

Q. Why are minutes of all committee meetings not available to all members?

A. Incoming President and Vice President to talk with the member raising the question after the AGM and recommend full policy going forward.


Membership Tenure Awards

  • One 30 Year Member, Lindsay Burke
  • Five 20 Year Members,
  • Sixteen 15 Year Members
  • Twenty 10 Year Members
  • Eighty-six 5 Year Members

The full list of recipients is attached.

MXV Award

No one reached the milestone of 1015 accumulated MOTY points this year, due to COVID-19 lockdowns.


President’s Award

Keith awarded the President's Award to two members for 2021. They are Julie Sando & Wesley Hill, and Keith's speech follows: Wesley and Julie have been members of the committee and officers of the organisation for over 7 years and this award presented to them both for the excellent work they have done in their positions and the support they have given me in running this club. Julie has done a brilliant job in controlling the finances of the club. She also has been involved in the running a number of the events for the club including the finances for NatMeet. Wesley had the sometimes challenging task of keeping me and the committee controlled at our meetings. As well as this, keeping the records of meeting, supplying minutes to all the committee members and making sure we met our regulatory requirements. Wesley took over the lead of NatMeet committee and has helped in the running of a number of our events.

Congratulations Wesley and Julie.


Life Membership

Life Membership was awarded to Keith Monaghan. Phil Donnelly, Secretary read the citation to the meeting, to Keith's surprise. Citation attached.

Keith Monaghan Life Membership

The incoming President G Peter Battisson gave a speech (transcript to follow). In doing so he thanked the outgoing Committee and those members staying on for another two years. Welcomed the new members to the Committee. Peter also outlined the changes to the Committee positions and the reasons for the changes.

The meeting closed at 8:35pm

G Peter Battisson
Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW Inc.