Round 1 MX-5 Club track day

13 January 2022 / Ian Combes

Happy New Year to everyone in the MX-5 Club motorsport fraternity:-)
I think that we were all hoping for a much better motorsport year in 2022 than we had in 2021, although quite frankly that's a pretty low bar... Things haven't gotten off to a great start with COVID numbers hitting the stratosphere though.
We've got a pretty full-on calendar this year. Let's hope that we get to run all these events.
The first two events that we are running are both open:
NSW Supersprint round 1 on the 13th February.
The MX-5 Club track day on Monday the 14th February.
The NSW Supersprint is now open to non-series registrants. Don't forget that this is also a multi-club event, so you can think of it as another track day, even if you aren't registered for the Supersprint Championship.
The Monday track day has just been opened as well. If you haven't done a Monday track day before, and you can swing a day off, why not come down and have a run? Numbers are normally lower so you'll get lots of laps. Cheaper than the usual Sunday track days too.
Note that we have enough volunteers for the Sunday Supersprint so no more special deals for Monday sorry....
Stay safe, and hope that things level off over the next six weeks or so. If you haven't been vaccinated or qualify for a booster, please go and get it done.