Round 2 2022 MX-5 Club Motorkhana

16 May 2022 / Ian Combes

The MX-5 Club is looking for more entries for round 2 of the MX-5 Motorkhana championship on the 5th June!

Motorkhanas are an excellent way to ease into motorsport with your MX-5. Even if you aren’t so sure about motorsport, a motorkhana is just great fun and a fabulous way to enjoy your MX-5. If you haven;t tried a motorkhana before, now is a good time to start!

A motorkhana (or autotest) is a low-speed test of skill, where you navigate around a tight course of flags (or in our case, traffic cones). The challenge is to get the navigation right, but also do it quickly. Motorkhanas can be conducted on a range of surfaces, but in the case of the MX-5 Club, we use the skidpan at Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP), which is wet concrete, so it easy on your car.

This motorkhana day is intended to cater for drivers who are inexperienced in car control and to provide them with a fun set of motorkhana style challenges to test and develop their skills, as well as offering some tricky bits for more experienced drivers. It is the second event of three comprising the club motorkhana championship series in 2022.

To enter you will either need a Speed or Non-Speed licence from Motorsport Australia ( , or we can provide you with a day licence on the day of the event.

You will need to enter the event before the day though.

Check out the event here:!event-register/2022/6/6/club-motorkhana-round-2

This is how it is done well: