Sculptures at Petana

16 November 2021 / Story and Pictures by: Anda Clayton

Attendees: Brian & Anda Clayton, Bill & Janice Short, Geoff & Rose Smith, Kerry & Lesley Warner, Bob & Karen Olde

The forecast of heavy rain failed to deter 10 determined members to venture out and take a chance on our planned run to Woodstock for lunch and viewing of the sculptures and gardens at Petana. Fortunately, the weather Gods took pity on us, proving the forecast wrong, with only a few spots of rain.

 We met at our usual spot at Milton’s Heritage Bakery, 2 MX5’s and 2 “sensible” cars. We moseyed on down the road to Milkhaus, a former cheese factory, where we met Kerry and Lesley, also in a “sensible” car.

The 10 of us enjoyed lunch in our own private room. Milkhaus is a wholefood café, utilising the “paddock to plate” philosophy, so common in restaurants in the area. Meals are prepared using fresh produce grown in their own vegetable garden and eggs from the chickens in their back garden. We all agreed - delicious food and great service.

On our way out, we decided to inspect the chicken coop, where our Bill managed to upset the rooster and peacock..... please don't ask! We're sure the owners suspected that we, the innocent looking geriatrics, were stealing their eggs!

Onwards to Petana in Morton, a lovely 12km long country drive along the ridge with views across the fields to the ocean.

Most of the road was sealed, although quite pot holed in parts, so we needed to exercise caution along the way. The final part of our journey was on a short stretch of gravel road. Easy drive, no problem. I wondered why the others had opted to take their “sensible” cars?  Aha! This is why! Parking was in a large paddock with a muddy entrance. The property had apparently experienced heavy rain overnight, so the ground had turned soggy and in parts muddy. Upon entry, Brian, driving our MX, decided to test his skid pan skills. I still think he was just enjoying reliving experiences from his mis-spent youth! Hmm, perhaps the “sensible” SUV was a better plan after all?

Petana is set on an acreage of landscaped gardens looking out towards Pidgeon House Mountain. We strolled through the gardens with its ponds and dams, viewing numerous sculptures, and works of art, large and small. The gardens were magnificent, a labour of love, and the sculptures both quirky and interesting. Some of us were tempted to acquire a piece of original art, resulting in a couple of purchases.

Another feel good day out on a miserable overcast, wet day with our MX5 friends. Zoom Zoom.