Shannon’s Wheels Display

24 March 2021 / Words and pictures by Sir Bob Judd. Additional photos by Rob Wilko.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

The last day of summer was warm and sunny, reaching the low 30s by early afternoon. Wheels had been bought forward this year from its usual date in March so it was always a bit risky with the weather but, following recent rainfall, the Queanbeyan Showground had never looked greener and, for a change, the grass was long and there was no dust!

Despite the late arrangements for the day, due to uncertain and confusing organisational arrangements, and of course Covid-19 requirements, 21 of our cars presented themselves on the day. We joined in an unexpectedly large group of 900+ vehicles for this annual charity fund raising event, which has been arranged by the Council of ACT Motor Clubs for the last 40 years.

Our display included all four models of our brilliant little cars, and all variations of body style. The many spectators who came along had plenty of questions and we were able to answer (nearly) all their queries. As usual, I’m sure we will gain a number of new members as a result of our display.

A special vehicle was also on display on the day. Guest Peter Davey bought along his “MG TF” kit car, which is completely based on an 1800 MX 5 NA – motor, transmission, floor plan, steering, fuel tank, seats, suspension – all from a donor NA! It was certainly a head-turner as part of our display.

As usual, a good day was had by all and we were able to vacate the grounds early in the afternoon to avoid the afternoon heat.

My thanks to everyone that was able to come along on the day.

Our good friends Rob Wilko and Lili Chi posted some great photos of the day on our Facebook page at

You can also see Rob's photos on his Flickr page at While you are there, check out some of his other albums - great stuff, Rob.

Bob Judd