Substitute Christmas Run

03 January 2021 / Words and photos Adele Weatherall

 SUBSTITUTE CHRISTMAS ?       NEVER!!          13 December 2020

We did a practice run on Sunday to Tahmoor Inn with cars and people regaled in Christmas hats and tinsel.  Sadly, the tinsel didn’t stand up to the 100kph so the cars looked rather bare.

It was a late morning start for us at Yallah and then follow the leader through the new suburbs of Albion Park and Marshall Mount before hitting the Illawarra Highway for the usual pace up the Pass.  Here our leader was thwarted by a driver on L plates who beeped his horn and revved his ute loudly as he believed Mark was driving too slowly!! Is that possible?

Near the top of the pass we crossed over to the Tourist Road where those of us in older Mxers had a pretty bumpy ride at times. However it is a very pretty drive across through Kangaloon and Glenquarry and as a bonus the paper bark trees were in blossom giving the effect of snow (use your imagination).  We soon approached Old South Road on the outskirts of Bowral and followed it north past the Mittagong Historic Airfield. This airfield had been used as an emergency strip by the RAAF since the 1920s but in 1944 the runway was tarred so it could be used in the defence of Wollongong and the Port Kembla Steelworks.

We emerged from Old South Road, crossed the expressway and headed towards the bushfire ravished villages of Yerrinbool, Bargo and Tahmoor where the vegetation is now regrowing.  All in all a perfect run as we arrived ten minutes before our expected midday booking at the Tahmoor Inn where there is unlimited parking.

The staff were very welcoming and had organised a private room for us. After ordering our meals and drinks, we pulled the Christmas bon bons, wore the paper hats and shared the silly jokes.  The steaks were excellent, the beer cold and everyone left with a smile on their face. We were even invited to go back another time.

So…. The Illawarra Chapter is now looking forward to 2021 and what our REAL Christmas will bring.