The MXV Award

24 October 2020 / Bryan Shedden

At the AGM on 23 October 2020, the first recipients were announced for a brand new award that is eligible to all members of the MX-5 Club of NSW. The MXV Award is designed to supplement our annual Member of the Year and membership tenure awards. It is awarded to any member who achieves the milestone of 1015 MOTY points during a continuous period of membership. The tally commences from 2012 when MOTY became a Club-wide award with all Club events being considered in their determination, including Chapter events and motorsport. Only four members have achieved the lofty summit. This award recognises their sustained commitment to the Club over many years of event attendance, organising events, and contributions of stories and photos for our website and magazine.

What's so special about the number 1015, and why is it called the MXV award?

Obviously, we are a Club dedicated to the appreciation of the Mazda MX-5. The letters M and X happen to be Roman numerals (M is 1000, X is 10), while 5 corresponds to the letter V. Hence, MX-5 can be represented by the sum of these numbers, 1015, and the letters MXV. A tally of 1015 MOTY points was considered to be an appropriate criteria for the MXV award.

Recipients of the MXV Award are presented with a special metal badge. The first recipients of this award, and the number of MOTY points each has earnt up to the 2020 AGM, are:

Barry Luttrell (1066 points)
Barry joined the Club in October 2012 and after a gradual start with Hunter Chapter, he became Event Secretary for our track days in 2015, following the retirement of Zan Menzel. He continues in this role today. Barry was Convenor of Hunter Chapter in 2018-2019, has organised many runs, and regularly contributes stories and photos. Barry was Club MOTY Runner-Up in 2017 and Hunter Chapter Motorsport MOTY in 2017.

Bryan Hicks (1199 points)
Bryan joined the Club in July 2016 after attending three events as a visitor, and before he bought his first MX-5. Bryan has been Convenor of Sydney Chapter since 2017, typically organising and attending at least one run or social gathering every week. He is also a very active motorsport competitor at our track days. In 2017, Bryan was awarded Club NMOTY, Illawarra Chapter MOTY, and Sydney Chapter MOTY.

Rob Wilkins (1338 points)
Rob joined the Club in February 2016 and immediately made a huge impact with his camera. "Wilko" typically attends a couple events every week, sometimes 2-3 in a day, and generously shares his photos for the appreciation of all - especially our motorsport competitors. Our magazine has benefitted enormously from his contributions. Rob is a regular at Sydney Chapter runs, and is the only member to have participated in events with every Chapter of the Club ... except for South Coast (COVID prevented that this year!). Rob was awarded Club NMOTY in 2016, Club MOTY in 2017, and Sydney Chapter MOTY in 2019.

Bryan Shedden (1659 points)
Bryan joined the Club in February 2009 and has served as a Committee member since October 2010 in the roles of Publications Officer (2010-2012), President (2012-2016), and Membership Database Secretary (2016-present). His MOTY points are spread across attendance, organisation, officiating, and story/photo contributions, primarily with Motorsport, Illawarra Chapter and All Club events. Bryan was awarded the President's Award in 2011 and Life Membership in 2015.