The Rusty Bistro Run

28 May 2021 / Words by Peter and Annemie Wilson. Photos by Peter and Annemie Wilson, Rod Nicholas and Rob Wilko

8 May 2021

A few days before the run it was very wet in Canberra, however, on the morning of the run there was sunshine and it was perhaps a little warmer than expected for the month of May.

All arrived on time for a 9.00am departure where we had 14 cars with the expectation of another car waiting for us at Murrumbateman.

An enjoyable run, with little traffic, to Murrumburrah via Barton and Hume Highways and Burley Griffin Way. Just a few complaints from members about the odour from the cattle truck that we were forced to follow for the last fifteen kilometres into Harden. No overtaking allowed; it appears those broken lines have been replaced by more unbroken lines on Burley Griffin Way.

There was very good service from Michael and Anne at the Terracotta Café where jackets were removed as we basked in the sunshine. Lili Chi and Rob Wilkins wandered around Murrumburrah taking photos and they are now uploaded on our Facebook site.

After an hour relaxing and chatting it was time to hit the road. Most drove the “back roads” via Jugiong, Cullinga Mines, Cullinga and Killrush Roads to the outskirts of Cootamundra. A very scenic drive through farmland with no other traffic using this route.

The three cars that followed the main roads of Burley Griffin and Olympic Ways arrived soon after the main group at the Cootamundra Country Club.

With 24 for lunch, it was surprisingly good service from the chef, Jamie, at the Rusty Bistro. After an hour and a half at the café it was time to move on. Tony McDonald suggested coffee at Jugiong rather than the planned stop at Yass. All agreed that was a better location for coffee. As we exited the club, Darren Greene had his drone flying above the assembled cars for an overhead video. It was suggested we wait five minutes for Darren to set up on a quieter location. As we drove along Jugiong Road, just before the turn-off to Rosehill Road, Darren had his drone flying overhead. Both of Darren’s videos are posted on our Facebook site.

Another interesting scenic drive along Rosehill and Jugiong Roads to our coffee location at Jugiong. Most enjoyed coffee at the Long Track Pantry whilst some “hit the shops”.

We arrived home with 323 kilometres on the trip meter. Thanks to Lili, Rob and Darren for the photos and all on the run, a very enjoyable day!

Peter and Annemie Wilson

There are lots of photos by Lili Chi and Rob Wilko on the Canberra Chapter Facebook page, as well as a couple of terrific overhead (drone) videos by Darren Greene. If you haven't looked through these photos and the videos you are missing some good stuff!