The Wednesday Pub Run

23 August 2021 / Words by Steve Wakeling. Pictures by Rod & Maryanne Nicholas

Although the ACT was not in lockdown the ACT Government had asked residents not to leave the ACT unless absolutely necessary. Due to this request, I had not been on a run for some time. I decided to try to organise a run just within the ACT with the destination being the only real Pub in the ACT.

I managed to put together a run of two and a half hours that started in the north, went along the eastern boundary to the south and then out to the western boundary and back up to the north – a large loop that took in highway and winding scenic country backroads.

The run started with six cars and eight members at a café in Nicholls. We left at 10am and collected another three cars and four members at Hume. From Hume we headed out through Tharwa and stopped at the Cotter dam for a break. The dam was generating a thunder as it strongly overflowed.

From the Cotter we proceeded along winding country roads to Uriarra and then back to civilisation at Denman Prospect through Belconnen and up to the George Harcourt Inn at Nicholls. We arrived at 12:28pm. The table was booked for 12:30pm. I’m not boasting here about precision timing!

Meals at the Pub are always huge, and members felt they were good value. An enjoyable time was had by all.

I was planning to do this run on the second Wednesday of each month but the next day the ACT was put into lockdown due to our first active Covid-19 case in over 12 months. So, I just managed to get a run in and looking forward to when I can do the run again.

[Editor's comments - it was a lot of fun, Steve, and I hope we can soon get back to you running this every fortnight.]