Train to Leonville Run

21 April 2021 / Words:Mark and Hella Underwood. Photos: Senia Gaunson & Adele Weatherall

In attendance were 12 cars, 3 of which were our city cousins, with members dressed in blue regalia which made a great contrast to our red regalia as we met for a fabulous day out.
The 1st leg of our journey took us along Swamp Road towards Jamberoo as we drove along twisty back roads to our 1st photo stop overlooking the ocean. We then meandered up to Saddleback mountain for another photo stop at the lookout overlooking the north and back to Wollongong. 


Some of our Sydney friends mentioned they hadn't been on these roads, but Adele assured them there were more surprises to come for us all. 

As we headed down the other side of the mountain, Adele took us to the 1st of her secret roads where there's a house called Xanadu. This road has a magical view down to the ocean. It's a short dead-end road in a pristine rainforest area and I'm sure the few residents who are lucky to live there would be the envy of all who saw the area. 

We then continued down the mountain enjoying the spectacular views before arriving in Jamberoo.  Adele's 2nd secret road saw us driving through the golf range only to have to stop for a convoy of ducks that were crossing.  We were also lucky there were no out of control golfers swinging their stray balls into our laps as all our roofs were down.  This road enabled us to view where we'd just come from, Saddleback Mountain. 

A few minutes later we came to our lunch spot which was inundated with footballers. Fortunately there was another oval next door where we enjoyed our byo lunch in complete serenity.

From there we headed off to Dapto for the highlight of the day.  Leon's backyard has been converted to a wonderful display of working model trains.  Magnificently landscaped with so much to see wherever you looked. The display has some American themes with cowboys and Indians and the Wild West.  One train carried a variety of colourful American cars, another with sheep being transported complete with baaing sound effects. We also saw a display from the TV show Dr Who, a wedding, a graveyard and so much more.  This display is such a credit to Leon and we thank him for inviting us.  

Have I mentioned the Devonshire tea??